Monday, December 15, 2008

How to use the LG CE110 as a practical alarm clock

I'm not sure about all of you, but when I go to sleep, I don't like to wake up to a cell phone call - be it a 3am "ARE YOU AWAKE!? COME HANG OUT!" or a 8am wrong number. But I like to use my cell phone as an alarm clock - it keeps good time, is battery powered, easy to place by my bed, and face it - I have one anyway, why buy an alarm clock?

Anyway, when my beloved Sony Ericsson Z520a died, and I was forced to use an LG CE110. I don’t demand much from a cell phone, but I was disappointed when I realized that the ringer volume was tied to the alarm clock volume. If I put the phone on vibrate, the alarm would be a vibration. That made the phone useless as an alarm clock.

So my fairly simple solution:
1. Make a silent mp3 file. I used Audacity.
2. Use Bluetooth to transfer it to the phone.
3. Set this as your ringtone. Turn up your volume.
4. Enjoy a good night’s sleep, with the knowledge that you will wake up on time, and not earlier.

It’s a bit annoying to change it back and forth if you use a ringer, but I leave my phone on vibrate or silent most of the time anyway. And I think my solution is the only workaround for this large oversight in the firmware.

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